The river Nedon, with a length of 30 km, rises from the western side of the northern part of Taygetus and, after traversing the city of Kalamata, flows west of its port. In its long course, the river creates some areas of special interest, the most significant being the deep, narrow gorge, 9 km long, between the area of Chani Lagou and the military area north of Kalamata. The gorge of Nedon forms a beautiful landscape, with sharp features: The limestone with deep erosions that occur along its length, the river's tributaries (the main ones being Karveliotiko Rema, Rema Grias, Dafnorema and Skoura Rema), as well as various geological phenomena, contributed to the creation of its special identity. Many small lakes are formed along the gorge, which are not permanent; when they disappear, they leave behind silty sediments, which form a common platform for plant growth. The gorge features impressive vegetation, with rare and interesting plants. One can also see cave formations and wells, which are important habitats for many wild animals (bats, foxes, hares, birds, etc.) because of their location, access to water and the degree of security they offer.