05 /03 /2020


The “John S. Latsis” Public Benefit Foundation, the “TIMA” Charitable Foundation, the “Hellenic Hope” charity, the “Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos” Foundation, the  “A. G. Leventis” Foundation, the “AC Laskaridis” Charitable Foundation, the “Costas M. Lemos” Foundation and the “Bodosakis” Foundation announce the open call for applications to participate in the fourth round of the "Points of Support" program, aimed at Greek, non-profit private legal entities as well as social cooperative enterprises (hereinafter referred to as "Organizations").

The aim of the program is on the one hand to support innovative small-scale actions of maximum social impact and on the other hand to strengthen the structures and improve the capacity of the above civil society Organizations. The program will finance up to 29 actions, with the maximum amount of €5,000 per action, which should have a duration of up to 12 months and should fall under one of the following categories, as they have been determined by the program’s respective sponsors:

1. “Social integration of disabled people” (“John S. Latsis” Public Benefit Foundation)

2. “Support for the elderly” (“TIMA” Charitable Foundation)

3. “Support actions for children”:

a. “Child protection” (“Hellenic Hope”)

b. “Children’s health” (“Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos” Foundation)

c. “Children and the environment” (“A. G. Leventis” Foundation)

4. “Support for actions to protect the environment”: 

a. “Protection of marine and coastal ecosystems” (“AC Laskaridis” Charitable Foundation)

b. “Protection of forests and other terrestrial ecosystems”  (“Costas M. Lemos” Foundation)

Apart from providing funding, the Program also includes the free participation of the Organizations in capacity building activities, which will be funded and implemented by the “Bodosakis” Foundation via Social Dynamo. “Social Dynamo” is an initiative of the “Bodosakis” Foundation, in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens (via the “synAthena” platform), which aims to empower civil society organizations and groups with a focus on learning, professional support and networking. The participation of the Organizations in a key program of empowerment activities is mandatory.

The full text of the program’s participation terms and conditions is available here.

Applications can only be submitted electronically via the application form available  here.

The full text of the application form is available here.

The application deadline is Thursday, April 30, at 17:00. The results will be announced on Wednesday, July 15, by 17:00 on the sponsors’ webpages and all applicants will be informed via email. 

For more information, interested Organizations can contact the Program sponsors at the following email addresses and telephone numbers:

1. “John S. Latsis” Public Benefit Foundation (Topic: “Social integration of disabled people”): [email protected], (+30) 210-6282888

2. “TIMA” Charitable Foundation (Topic: “Support for the elderly”): [email protected], (+30) 210-4293514

3. “Hellenic Hope” (Topic: “Support actions for children – Child protection”): [email protected] and [email protected]

4. “Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos” Foundation (Topic: “Support actions for children – Children’s health”): [email protected], (+30) 210-9490253

5. “A. G. Leventis” Foundation (Topic: “Support actions for children – Children and the environment”): [email protected], (+30) 210-6165232

6. “AC Laskaridis” Charitable Foundation (Topic: “Support for actions to protect the environment – Protection of marine and coastal ecosystems”): [email protected], (+30) 210-3647972

7. “Costas M. Lemos” Foundation (Topic: “Support for actions to protect the environment – Protection of forest and other terrestrial ecosystems”), [email protected]

8. “Bodosakis” Foundation (capacity building activities): [email protected], (+30) 210-3428087