At the western side of Taygetus, in the heart of Messinian Mani, we come across the beautiful gorge of Vyros, which begins from the village of Aghios Panteleimon and traverses a course of approximately 19 km, lush with walnut trees, cedar trees, cypress trees, fir trees, and black pines, before flowing into the sea. 

The gorge of Vyros is an area of unique natural beauty and historical significance; in antiquity the Royal Avenue ("Vassiliki Odos") began from the village of Xerokambi, in Laconia, traversed the gorge area and ended in Kardamyli. The Royal Avenue was of great use to the Spartans during the Messinian wars, when the only port that was still under their control was the port of Kardamyli. The gorge offers some gorgeous routes, where the visitor will marvel at the splendor of nature and will also see many remnants of human intervention from various periods, since the area used to be an observation point and refuge during the Middle Ages, the Turkish rule and the German Occupation.