Messinia Without Strays
Μεσσηνία Χωρίς Αδέσποτα

"When you adopt a stray, you change two lives: its and yours"

Costa Navarino, the prime sustainable destination in the Mediterranean, in collaboration with the charitable non-profit private Captain Vassilis & Carmen Constantakopoulos Foundation and the Greek non-profit organization "Dogs' Voice" have launched a three-year program "Messinia Without Strays" in order to address at a local level, the very serious issue concerning the protection and management of stray animals in the region of Messinia, in the southwest Peloponnese, Greece.

The programme is developed on three main pillars including sterilisation, education and volunteering and is supported by local volunteers and sponsors. The core message: "When you adopt a stray you change two lives: its and yours", aims to raise awareness and encourage stray adoptions nationally and internationally, to help reduce this serious social issue.

The first phase of the program, which took place during November 21-24, 2019, proved successful with 136 stray dogs neutered at veterinary stations in the local municipalities of Pylos, Gargaliani and Kyparissia, with the support of 22 veterinarians of the Greek Action of Volunteer Veterinarians Veterinary (EDKE), 78 volunteers and 12 sponsors from local businesses. At the same time 54 dogs were adopted and found a permanent home. Activities were primarily carried out in the local municipalities of Pylos-Nestoros and Trifylia.

‘Messinia Without Strays’ is now entering the second phase with the goal to reach and inform more than 1,600 local students and as many local bodies as possible across the country’s Fire Departments, Police Departments, Port Authorities, Forest Services, and Municipal services. Additionally, more actions are being taken to neuter and chip more than 80 dogs and to successfully give for adoption more than 150 strays.

The project supports and elevates the work of ‘Navarino Pet Community’ within Navarino Dunes, an initiative born since 2015 to take care of stray dogs and cats of the local area as well as to raise awareness and engagement amongst employees and guests alike. It is a volunteering program providing shelter to the animals that end up in our premises, as well as food and medical care to homeless animals in the area, whilst also developing a pet-friendly mindset. Since its launch, in cooperation with the local municipality, more than 50 dogs have found a permanent home in Greece and abroad.

This holistic sustainable development in alignment to local communities and the environment lies at the heart of Costa Navarino’s philosophy, driven by a genuine desire to promote Messinia and make it a model destination where people from all over the world wish to not only visit but also reside.

For more information and to adopt a stray dog, please visit:  or get in touch directly with Dog’s Voice at [email protected]

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