Education Robotics and Programming Center

In 2015, the “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos” Foundation supported the participation of the 6th Gymnasium of Kalamata in the international competition titled:  “World Robotics Olympiad,” which took place in Doha, Qatar. This support took the form of covering the travelling costs of the contestants’ companions. A few days earlier, the same teams had won 1st and 2nd place in their category at the 7th Panhellenic Educational Robotics Competition. 

 As a result of the aforementioned assistance, and in collaboration with the Karelia Foundation, the schools of the area were further supported with the creation of the Center for Educational Robotics in Kalamata. 

The 6th Gymnasium of Kalamata’s robotics team, which took part in the “World Robotics Olympiad” in Doha, comprises the following eight students (in alphabetical order): Anastasios Kapetanakis, Ioannis Rizos, Michael Roditis, Leonidas Skourtsidis, Aristidis Stathopoulos, Ioanna Stathopoulou, Nikiforos Vagenas, Theodore Zervakis, and their coach, father Sotirios Masteas, Informatics professor at the 6th Gymnasium of Kalamata. 

Kalamata’s Educational Robotics and Programming Center is an area for creative and mainly scientific learning, combining Mathematics, Natural Sciences (Engineering), Technology, and Informatics, and offering multiple benefits to the students and teachers of Messinia. 

Engaging children with a modern and innovative field from an educational point of view helps develop their talents and imagination. At the same time, a modern Educational Robotics lab gives the opportunity to students of a different socio-economic background to work, collaborate and become part of a diagnostic team that shares a goal and partakes in a spirit of collaboration.

The Educational Robotics and Programming Center is housed in the 2nd Gymnasium of Kalamata 

Contact person: father Sotirios Masteas + 30 6983866110