21 /09 /2015


The Virtual Museum of the Messinian Diet, an initiative of the “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos ” Foundation, has just become available to the public. Its aim is to record, study, preserve and present the culinary heritage of the region. The museum gives the opportunity to the public to learn more about the nutritional benefits of the Messinian diet, as well as the tradition that connects it with the modern way of life. Within this framework, the museum presents Messinian products, as well as products used in the preparation of Messinian recipes. Product selection is based on nutritional and historical criteria, given the fact that they are a fundamental part of the Messinian diet and the various traditional recipies, whereas many of them can be found on their own, or as part of other varieties, in other parts of the Mediterranean. The traditional recipes presented in the Virtual Museum of the Messinian Diet have been passed down from generation to generation, and constitute an integral part of Messinian tradition. A significant part of the Virtual Museum of the Messinian Diet is occupied by the traditional utensils and tools used in previous years by the inhabitants of the area, in order to obtain the products. The visitors will have the opportunity to take a pleasant tour around a virtual space, where they can send their own information and take part in the big research on the recording and promotion of the Messinian diet. Finally, it should be noted that within a short period of time, the full content of the Virtual Museum of the Messinian Diet will also be available in other languages.
The “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos” Foundation would like to thank all those who contributed to the creation of this website.

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