The long-standing relationship with the Messinian culture, combined with a cosmopolitan spirit and dedication to their traditional occupations, helped the people of Messinia to keep alive what they had inherited and at the same time to embrace the new.
An important chapter in the cultural life of Messinia is the festivals, which attract many visitors, keep the region lively and in a mood for fun year round. From the religious festivals, local celebrations and the outdoor “panigyria” (fairs) with lots of food, drinks and music, to some rare traditional celebrations, such as the carnival of Nedousa, it is true that Messinia often dresses up. Remarkable are also the events related to traditions, customs or nature and its connection with local production and the agricultural products of the region.

Men and women of literature, poets, artists, and intellectuals of Messinia
Nikolaos Politis, the father of Greek Ethnography, Simon Karas, the last of the Byzantines, the famous hagiographer and novelist Photis Kontoglou, the poetess of passion and love Maria Polidouri, the author of "Methismeni Politeia" (the Drunken City) Sotiris Patatzis, the novelist Ioanna Karatzaferi, the poet of the "margin" Michalis Katsaros, the greatest anti-war writer Omiros Pellas, the "specialist of Messinia" Mimis Feretos, the passionate visionary Panagiotis Foteas, the poet of erotic nostalgia G. Markopoulos, the novelist Giorgos Lamprinos, the well-known historian, theatrical writer and novelist Kostis Bastias, the academic Michael Stasinopoulos, the exceptional modern poetess Kiki Dimoula, the great modern Greek poet D. P. Papaditsas, who hailed from Samos, but chose to spend a long part of his life in Kalamata, the leading Greek archaeologist Spiros Marinatos, the writer of the "Golden Testament" and "Iron Testament" Polivios Dimitrakopoulos or Pol Arcas, and also two internationally famous artists, the renowned movie director Theodoros Aggelopoulos and the greatest soprano of our century, Maria Callas, are some of the eminent Messinian people who conquered the world.
In the 20th century, Messinia also left its mark in the fine arts thanks to the work of artists who were born and produced their work here, with many of them becoming famous outside of its boundaries: Yannis Manolakakis, Takis Katsoulidis, Yannis Spiropoulos, the painter of Koroni Michail Axelos, Vangelis Dimitreas, Yannis Bouteas, Tasos Aridas, Vangelis Drakos, N. Panagiotopoulos, the great engraver and depicter of human struggles, A. Tassos, are some of the many brilliant Messinian artists who enrich the aesthetics and the life of the people of Messinia.

Source: Messinian Chamber