Most towns in Messinia are picturesque towns with houses that retain the characteristics of local architecture and buildings reminiscent of their historical past. The towers of Mani, the railway station with the plane trees in the village of Aris, a typical example of the architecture of the buildings of the first Greek Railways, the abandoned industrial buildings of the "Evangelistria" S.A. Mills in the port of Kalamata and the "Liakea" Oil and Soap Factory in Kardamyli are some of the monuments of the recent economic and social history of Messinia, that stand out for their aesthetic value, and also for the memories they evoke.

The tower-houses of Mani
In turbulent historical periods, the wild landscape of Mani became a refuge and a base for people who, under harsh conditions, created an architecture that served their defensive needs. The people of Mani, often living outside the law, organized themselves in small “closed” communities and settlements, centering on the so called “polemopyrgoi” (defensive towers), from where they monitored the surrounding areas. Even today, throughout the region of Mani, one sees these impressive buildings, which give unique character to the landscape.

The historical center of Kalamata
This is the place where the heart of the city beats for hundreds of years. The entire history of Kalamata is written on its streets. The Castle, the “Kalogreon” Monastery (women's monastery), the Church of Aghii Apostoli, the Church of Ypapanti, beautiful old buildings that were restored so that they serve various needs (Archaeological Museum, Historical and Folklore Museum, Municipal Art Gallery) and the old municipal market at the Square of 23rd of March (Plateia 23 Martiou). Small shops, bakeries, taverns and groceries, untouched by time, mattress makers, tin makers, wax makers, an entire microcosm that lives and moves here, conscious of the culture it carries, and with the aim of preserving the values of the past. A precious part of the city, a place of memory, where the visitor discovers its diachronic personality, the historical center is the jewel of Kalamata.

The historical center of Kyparissia
With a history of 4,000 years, inhabited already since the Mycenaean period, Kyparissia, a town that combines the beauty of the mountain and the charm of the sea, knew a period of great prosperity during the Hellenistic times.

Source: Messinian Chamber